THE WINDO-PRO Window Cleaning Service

THE WINDO-PRO Window Cleaning Service



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NOTICE: If you need window cleaning service Free Estimate, just come to this contact page and message me with a description of property (with answers to the 5 questions below):


1. Is Property Residential or Commercial?

2. How many floors with windows to be cleaned? (1-3 floor limit).

3. Inside and outside or just outside to be cleaned?

4. If residential, does it have screens? (I clean screens and tracks too).

5. How many windows to be cleaned, approximately?

My Contact page is secure so you may leave an Email address or phone number and address of property to be cleaned.

I can street view it in Maps app, review your answers and call or message you with free service estimate. So use Email portal below to message me, thank you for considering my services.


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