THE WINDO-PRO Window Cleaning Service

THE WINDO-PRO Window Cleaning Service


Commercial and Residential Window Cleaning Service of Greater Los Angeles, California

I Am The Windo-Pro


310-866-9507 or

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1014 Broadway Ave. Apt. 59

Santa Monica, CA. 90401

   I build and service window cleaning routes. I have 35+years of experience. Started working with High Rise Building contractors for several years and now I clean windows up to 3 floors with extension poles, my specialty.

   I also clean screens and tracks on residential properties. I give Senior discounts and soon will accept major credit cards.

   If you have a commercial or residential property and would like a price quote for cleaning the windows, screens and tracks, go to the bottom of this page and read what info I need to give you a quote and go to contact page and message the info to me. I will get back to you with a free quote ASAP.

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How To Request A Price Quote/Estimate

If you need window cleaning service price quote, just go to the contact page and message me with a description of property and the answers to the 5 questions below: 

1. Is property Residential or Commercial?

2. How many floors (1-3 floor limit)?

3. Inside and outside or just Outside to be cleaned?

4. If residential, does it have screens (I clean screens and tracks too)?

5. How many windows to be cleaned, approximately?

I will get back with you as soon as possible and give you a quote.

Contact page is secure so you may leave a phone number if you would like me to call you.

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